Buying a house in The Netherlands?

We advise you to talk to one of our consultants before you start looking for a suitable home.

  • Together we will have meeting free of charge, made at a time and place that suits you best
  • We will give you an accurate assessment of the price range that fits your budget
  • Find the perfect house that suits your wishes
  • We offer you a custom made propsition
  • More than 25 partners to choose from
  • Collect all the necessary information about you personally, the mortgaged property and your financial position
  • The mortgage approved
  • Sign the mortgage offer
  • Inventory of all the insurances necessary
  • make an appointment at a civil-law notary (obligatory in The    Netherlands)
  • ENJOY!
  • Advice on other financial matters, such as pension or tax issues.
  • We are glad to be at help for all your financial questions during your stay.
  • If we think you can save money, we will let you know!

Why DGB mortgage advisors?

  • Independent

  • Years of experience

  • Decisive

  • Clear rules

  • Overview

  • Customization

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